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3 reasons why your IoT project needs ICONICS

1 out of 3 IoT projects fail during the proof-of-concept phase due to a lack of expert guidance. That’s a big number. If you don’t have a lot of experience with IoT, you probably don’t know what it’s capable of. However, interconnectivity, automation and real-time data are undoubtedly the key to success, in several obvious ways. 

In our last blog, we demonstrated a case where sensor integration saved a significant amount of money. In this post, we’ll go over the different techniques that ICONICS uses to achieve optimal results.

Koning & Hartman heeft een ruime expertise in data-integratie, connectivity en smart solutions. Wij luisteren naar uw verhaal en uw behoeften en bedenken samen met u slimme oplossingen.

Connect ICONICS to everything 

First, ICONICS can connect to any device on the local network, through a variety of protocols: The more industrial protocols OPC-UA, Modbus, and BAC-net; the IoT protocols MQTT, AMQP, and SNMP; or more simply WebSockets of some legacy programs you have running. You are also not limited to the local network: through IoTWorX, you can connect to other ICONICS-powered edge devices which can have their own local sensors. Even better, due to its direct Azure integration, you have the entire cloud at your service. 

Benefit from several visualization methods 

Second, ICONICS has not one, but two proven visualization methods available. GraphworX has been built on the ICONCIS’ SCADA legacy and allows all stakeholders to receive unified and relevant information on the things they care about, no matter where they are. KPIWorX, on the other hand, allows the building managers to pull up any information they might want. 

Data is king 

Finally, everything is brought together by the powerful BI tools that bring together all the important KPIs: energy, maintenance, comfort. All these can be computed by ICONICS. 

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These aspects combined really take your building to the next level and make it future proof. With ICONICS, you can achieve both cost savings and a significant improvement in quality of life of the people who work and live in your building. Want to find out how ICONICS could benefit you? Let’s talk! 

Koning & Hartman Belgium advises and supports your smart building projects using the ICONICS smart building software. With our years of experience and know-how, we help companies transition to a smarter and sustainable future. 


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