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From business building to profit center

More than ever, the maintenance and energy consumption of commercial buildings has a large price tag.

But it can also be done differently: insights into the operation of a building's installations leads to better management.

Whether it's office buildings, schools, hospitals, shopping malls or other public spaces, in a smart building, sensors combined with a general control system drive maintenance. Smart buildings and their installations have a longer lifetime and you save on maintenance and energy costs.

Building operation platform

Transforming buildings to their smart version is actually very simple: connect everything.

What is a building operation system?

By connecting all systems to a smart building platform, each individual system can be controlled and monitored from one central location. Sometimes an operator is needed to make decisions, but often the technology and software behind the systems is smart enough to operate autonomously.

  • A Building Operation Platform like ICONICS allows you to collect data about your buildings and installations and gain the necessary insights to optimise corrective, preventive and collaborative maintenance and ensure the safety of everyone in the building.
  • With condition-based monitoring, you drive predictive maintenance and increase the reliability of all your technical installations, from HVAC systems to lighting and video screens.

In short, if you bet on digital transformation and energy transition, your real estate will evolve from cost to revenue, and you will create more value for your real estate.

How does Iconics' open platform make your life easier?

Save up to 20% on energy and maintenance costs by working with data points, proactively detecting potential defects and dynamically displaying historical data.

Stunning building dashboards can provide both high-level information and down to the smallest details, because often those make just the difference.

Thanks to a user-friendly interface that is easy to customise, you remain in control of the data points and determine where the priorities lie. On your computer, but also on your smartphone: these dashboards make the invisible visible. 

We build our solutions with the ICONICS Intelligent Building Software, a hardware-independent platform that digitises, analyses and visualises all your data.

Curious about the solution we have for your business? Do you want to know what ICONICS can do for your organisation?

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