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Building & Infrastructure
Why every building should become smarter

Everyone agrees: achieving climate goals and making savings is only possible if your building becomes smarter. But what are the next steps? How do you get started? And how do you make sure your investment is worthwile? 

We all dream of Smart Buildings, but like you, we at Koning & Hartman keep both feet on the ground: are you ready for a full Smart Building? Or can we get you started with one or more Smart Basics

After all, every commercial building is already full of basic technology: from the heating and air conditioning system to the access and timekeeping systems to the lighting. Making those technologies smarter will immediately reduce your energy bills and is a first step towards smart buildings for many companies. At Koning & Hartman, we call this Smart Basics. 

But we also go further. With our knowledge of connectivity, IoT and data integration, we turn your commercial building into a smart, self-driving installation with lower energy consumption and higher property value. Maybe your smart building is within reach and together we will achieve Horizon 2050, the European Union's goal of being climate neutral by 2050. 

Visualisation Value Proposition

Download our Value Proposition document for Smart Buildings and Infrastructures.

Use case: Microsoft cut 22% of their energy usage

Did you know the building and construction industry takes up 36% of global final energy use? Since buildings like offices, schools and hospitals account for such a big part of urbanization, there is a tremendous opportunity: making buildings smarter, improving building energy efficiency and dramatically decreasing the energy and carbon footprint of a city. Find out how Microsoft grabbed this opportunity with both hands for their headquarters.

How we can help you

Standard hardware and software from renowned suppliers
tailored to smart buildings
Technological insights
Service and support

Koning & Hartman has extensive expertise in data integration, connectivity and smart solutions. We listen to your story and your needs and collaborate with you to devise smart solutions to make your and your customers' buildings and infrastructure more energy-efficient and transform them into smart buildings. Together we create real estate with added value for investors and tenants.

We build our solutions with ICONICS Intelligent Building Software, a hardware-independent platform that digitises, analyses and visualises all your data.

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