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Building & Infrastructure
Why you need smart building solutions

Smart building solutions are at the center of every building. It starts at the front door when you scan your badge: every commercial building is full of technology. From the heating and air conditioning system to the access and time registration systems to the lighting, these technologies cost quite a bit in terms of maintenance and energy.

Oftentimes, not all these technologies are smart, and they’re rarely connected to each other.

This is not only a missed opportunity in terms of comfort and safety, but also simply a waste of money. Every CEO and CFO wants to address this problem as soon as possible.

We can help. With our knowledge of connectivity, IoT and data integration, we can turn your commercial building into a smart, self-driving facility with lower energy consumption and higher property value.

Use smart devices to control energy consumption in your buildings. Dramatically reduce your energy bills and CO2 emissions with smart technology and actively participate in Horizon 2050, the European Union's goal of becoming climate neutral by 2050.

Visualisation Value Proposition

Download our Value Proposition document for Smart Buildings and Infrastructures.

What we do for you 

Standard hardware and software from renowned suppliers
tailored to smart buildings
Technological insights
Service and support

Koning & Hartman has extensive expertise in data integration, connectivity and smart solutions. We listen to your story and your needs and collaborate with you to devise smart solutions to make your and your customers' buildings and infrastructure more energy-efficient and transform them into smart buildings. Together we create real estate with added value for investors and tenants.

We build our solutions with ICONICS Intelligent Building Software, a hardware-independent platform that digitises, analyses and visualises all your data.


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