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Efficiency and quality 

How does your organisation create added value for your end customers? How do you ensure reliability in your business-critical processes? With our knowledge of your business and of the newest technologies, we help you reach that added value and operational security.

In any industrial organisation, quality and efficiency are two of the most important KPIs. However, determining the performance of a production line or an entire factory is often not straight-forward. It is determined by the quality of the end product, the availability of the line, the use of capacity and the planned downtime. Clearly mapping out any losses is crucial as a basis for improvement plans. There are various recognised methods for measuring the performance of a (sub-)process. Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) is a good first step and a widely used standard in the industry.


Because sensors are often produced by different manufacturers, data analysis is not always straightforward.

ICONICS software connects to all your data via open standards. The software digitises, analyses and visualises all your data, in real time and bidirectionally.

In addition, ICONICS offers advanced Plant Historian functionality for storing and securing all your data. Unlike relational databases such as SQL, Historian has software knowledge of how the data was collected, used and stored, making data retrieval much faster.

Curious about the solution we have for your company? Do you want to know what ICONICS can do for your organisation?

Scalable IT platforms

ICONICS software suite includes solutions that enable connectivity of the factory floor, facilities in buildings and external assets up to the level of business systems. Operators, managers and IT professionals can integrate real-time monitoring of production, energy and business information into a secure and unified web-enabled dashboard for visual reporting.

You can deploy the software on-premises, in the cloud, or using a combination of both and maximise operational excellence with deployments that specifically address your IoT business case and IoT strategy: start with small, achievable projects with a defined return on investment (ROI) and easily scale up as your requirements grow. 

ICONICS for quality and efficiency

Koning & Hartman uses ICONICS software to provide you with insights into this information. The ICONICS platform has the right tools to quickly build dashboards that can provide these insights. We call this QualityAnalytiX.

QualityAnalytiX enables operators, quality assurance personnel, production engineers and management to visualise quality data, such as SPC and OEE, in a standardised manner. The software includes a comprehensive set of built-in OEE and SPC formulas to visualise the most important trends for each process variable.

The main advantages of QualityAnalytiX are:

  • Visualise Overall Equipment Effecitiveness (OEE) and Statistical Process Control (SPC).
  • Combine quality control with process monitoring.
  • Provides universal integration with all new and existing hardware.
  • Uniform reporting and visualisation of KPIs.
  • Use pre-configured formulas to quickly build dashboards.
  • Minimise rejects, downtime and inefficiency.


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