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Industry & Manufacturing
Robot gripper or Smart industry?

This robot gripper selects chips. It also sorts eggs and other delicate products. But have you ever realised that such a robotic arm can do much more than select and sort? Communicate with your planning tools and schedule maintenance, for example? Send suggestions for higher production to your dashboard? With our knowledge of connectivity, IoT and data integration, we at Koning & Hartman transform your robot gripper into a smart solution that makes your business-critical processes more profitable and offers operational reliability.

Data intelligence and connectivity are transforming the industrial world: they enable you to add value to critical processes. Sensors and connectivity enable you to collect and process real-time data on a visually appealing dashboard. Connected manufacturing and scalable IT platforms increase your production efficiency. The knowledge gap between what employers in the industrial world are looking for and what employees can provide is growing. Smart solutions provide an answer to that problem. Unplanned downtime is reduced, predictive maintenance becomes the standard. IoT and connected field services ensure the safety of your maintenance staff.

Whether it is a cloud-based KPI dashboard for a global player in pharma or a robot gripper in the food industry, in both cases, smart solutions will optimise your business processes, increase quality and improve your OEE, playing a critical role as a success factor for end users.

Koning & Hartman has extensive expertise in connectivity and data integration. We offer a wide range of smart technologies: standard hardware and software solutions for connectivity, data acquisition interpretation and dashboarding. We deliver and implement the best solution for your organisation and support you with custom advice.

If you have specific needs, we will be happy to listen your story and your requirements and provide you with custom advice and solutions to give you operational security. We supply to companies in the processing and manufacturing industry, machine builders, system integrators and maintenance companies. We are happy to share our knowledge with you so that, together, we can optimise your critical processes and those of your customers and make them future-proof.

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Standard hardware and software from renowned suppliers
tailored to smart buildings
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Koning & Hartman has extensive expertise in data integration, connectivity and smart solutions. We listen to your story and your needs and collaborate with you to devise smart solutions to make your and your customers' buildings and infrastructure more energy-efficient and transform them into smart buildings. Together we create real estate with added value for investors and tenants.

We build our solutions with ICONICS Intelligent Building Software, a hardware-independent platform that digitises, analyses and visualises all your data.


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