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What are Smart Basics?

Of course you've heard of Smart Buildings, but what are Smart Basics? 

Smart Basics is making basic components and technologies in your building smarter. This way, you make sure that you get very quick results with a very small investment, whether it's reducing CO2 emissions, saving on your energy bill or extending the lifespan of machines and systems. 

Smart Basics can refer to both software and hardware, but often it is the combination of both. At Koning & Hartman, our goal is to make every building smarter. Thanks to Smart Basics, that goal is achievable for every company.  

Case study: how smart temperature control saves 35%

What if you could save 20.000 euros a 
year on energy costs – just by heating 
your office building in a smarter way? 
Investing in Smart Basics or Smart 
Buildings may seem daunting, because 
it’s hard to estimate the ROI of such 
projects beforehand. Until today. 

Hardware and software

Our years of experience in hardware and software mean we can help you make the right choices so that, at the end of the day, the various smart basics communicate with each other or a common software platform such as ICONICS. This can be achieved by comining an edge computer or box-PC with Windows IoT. Discover more about this set-up on our blog.

Curious about the solution we have for your business? Do you want to know what ICONICS can do for your organisation?

We make it work, we deliver more.


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