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Dealing sustainably with people and the environment

Sustainability is more than a buzzword; it covers how a smart building relates to the people who move in it and the environment it is in.


Access control, time tracking, building temperature, ventilation and indoor climate, energy consumption, lighting... the better these parameters meet the needs of your employees and visitors, the happier they will feel. And a happy employee is a productive employee. It's no longer a secret that the most important asset for creating added value is human capital.

Of course, well-being is much more than air quality and ambient temperature.

Can visitors find a parking spot easily? Is there room for your teleworkers? Or are desks just often left empty? With extensive data integration and normalisation through Iconics, you optimise the use of spaces, reduce the infrastructure cost per person and you can increase your efficiency by 10%.

And of course, we can't forget about security. A digital reception with ANPR cameras, Identity and Access Management and an automated delivery process for parcel services, for example, significantly increases the security of your reception staff. But it also gives them and your other employees more time for their core tasks that really make a difference to your organization.


By linking the various installations in a building via smart devices to external data such as outdoor temperature, weather forecasts, visitor numbers, fluctuating energy prices, etc., you can monitor and reduce your energy consumption in real time.

And this is more important than ever. The European Union has a goal of being climate neutral by 2050 with Horizon 2050. Circular building and renovation is the key for an organization to contribute to that goal. For Koning & Hartman Belgium - Building & Infrastructure, that means, among other things: keeping CO2 emissions as low as possible, reducing energy consumption and using raw materials in a reasoned way.

More than ever, partners and investors are demanding transparency when it comes to environmental efforts. A smart building not only lets you finish best-in-class when it comes to CO2 emissions, but it also provides you with clear sustainability reports and subsequently a stronger image towards partners and employees and more value for investors.

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