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Koning & Hartman Services

Koning & Hartman is more than a distributor and consultancy partner. With years of experience and thorough knowledge of your sector, we support your project from the first to the last question. We guide you from A to Z, collaborate with you to turn an idea into reality, and keep supporting you after implementation and delivery.

Consultancy & Customisation


Developing a new product or upgrading an existing one? We support you as an OEM customer or machine builder in your development projects from concept to production. Our engineering team works together with your developers to map out functionalities and technical specifications. You can rely on consultancy, co-engineering or co-creation to deliver the right product with the lowest possible development time and cost.

Koning & Hartman is a Microsoft Embedded Partner with thorough programming knowledge and years of expertise in development projects. If you call on our engineering service, you will not only tap into our knowledge of technology, but you’ll also be supported in optimising your engineering and logistical processes so that you have more time and budget for your core activities.

Project management

The development of a stand-alone product, a fully integrated solution or a conceptual design, or the elaboration of an IoT project? At Koning & Hartman, we guide you from concept to deliverable. For each project, we listen to your needs and questions. We engage with you and provide personal advice so that we can deliver the best solution tailored to your organisation. With our unique knowledge of components and of your business, we offer solutions for optimal operational reliability. Where necessary, we adapt components to your specific requirements. Whether it concerns industrial PCs, housings, power supplies or sensors, Koning & Hartman advises and supplies proven technology that offers continuity.

We follow innovations closely and guide your organisation into the future without any risk. With Koning & Hartman you choose for personal contact, extensive knowledge of technology and a fast execution with an eye for your costs.

Koning & Hartman has extensive expertise in data integration, connectivity and smart (building) solutions. We listen to your story and your needs and devise smart solutions together with you.


In the course of a development project, we will provide you with one or more prototypes. Your design becomes tangible, and you get a realistic view of the final product.

During the engineering process, we maximise the use of standard hardware based on internationally recognised technologies and form factors. We attach importance to the independence of manufacturers and thus guarantee maximum interchangeability. Moreover, we work with the most recent hardware so that you can confidently pass through the development, design and production phases without worrying about obsolescence or the disappearance of components in the near future.

We develop the design with a view to a maximum service life for the components and the product and offer a complete ageing management programme  (EOL, PCN, TN...).

On request, we can also assist you in EMC, CE and UL certifications. We compile an "as built" file for you with a description of all components, explanation of design and assembly and various test reports. This gives you a product passport for all future discussions, possible adjustments or innovations. 

Service & Support

RMA & Spare Parts Management

Koning & Hartman delivers more than hardware, software and consultancy. With our experience in the world of industrial installations, buildings and infrastructure and our expertise in connectivity and smart solutions, we want to support you in all your business processes, both before and after delivery or implementation. Technology only works thanks to your and our people behind the technology.

You can rely on us for repairs, RMA & Spare Parts Management. With integral stock management of components and transport, we take over your logistics management.

SLA Contracts & Field Services

Our technical department offers technical support, interventions and remote services for installations, repairs, maintenance of installations and commissioning on site.

We take complex, time-consuming tasks relating to general installations, networks and communications off your hands, leaving you free to focus on your core business and your customers. We offer various services that you can combine as you wish and formalise in a tailor-made Service Level Agreement.We make clear agreements with you and keep them.

You can also come to us for remote monitoring. With our knowledge of current and new technologies, including augmented reality, we collect and analyse the data for you that provides the insights to increase your productivity, reduce production costs and optimise your service level.

We have years of experience and knowledge of your industry. We offer a high-quality and personalised service in a transparent and secure way.


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