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Employees working alone or in high-risk locations must be able to call for help quickly in dangerous situations. When faced with aggression, helplessness, or an accident, they must be able to sound the alarm quickly and reliably and ensure their own safety. These situations can be handled with smart building services

What can you do to improve the safety of your employees?

Production alarms and lone worker protection

The industry faces daily challenges such as reducing disturbances, providing better safety for employees and optimising the production process. IQ Messenger offers smart alerting solutions for these production alarms and for personal security.

Production alarm

In every factory, there is a huge variety of alarms. Think of a priority alarm of a temperature that’s too high or of an engine failure in a tank. Or other high priority alarms like low oil pressure in a large compressor or a fire. IQ Messenger ensures that these alarms are sent directly to the DECT handset, walkie-talkie or smartphone of the right employee, so that they can react to the message quickly and efficiently.

Personal security

IQ Messenger takes personal security to a higher level. IQ Messenger can trigger a personal alarm both actively and passively. The software is equipped with location tracking so that you always know where an employee is located. With this alarm system, your employees are protected at all times and feel safe in any critical working environment.

Connected Field Services (CFS)

Streamline field service organisations and reduce downtime. CFSWorX™ is a solution designed to streamline the efficiency of field service organisations through intelligent scheduling and reliable reporting. It enables field service and maintenance personnel to move from the outdated break/fix model to proactive facilities and equipment management. Our smart building services reduce downtime and lowers maintenance costs. CFSWorX provides video expert functionality that allows a field worker to interact directly with subject matter experts anywhere in the world.

Real-time intelligent monitoring

CFSWorX provides real-time monitoring of connected devices, whether on-premises or via Internet of Things (IoT). The tool uses intelligent workflow technology to determine the best field worker for the maintenance task. When connected equipment generates an alert, CFSWorX sends a notification to the field worker's mobile device for immediate action. The worker receives information about the alert, including the location; then they can accept or decline the alert and create a work order in Microsoft Dynamics 365 and other business systems directly from their mobile device.

Escalation and liability

CFSWorX uses ICONICS AlertWorX™ technology to send alerts to technicians via email, text message or through push notifications with the ICONICS MobileHMI app. The technician receiving the alert can reply to the message or use the mobile app to accept, snooze or pass the alert to the next person. Within the CFSWorX app, technicians can view and acknowledge current alarms.

CFSWorX integrates with popular ERP, CRM and Directory Services tools, such as Microsoft Dynamics 365, Salesforce, IBM Maximo, ServiceNow and Azure Active Directory. It retrieves information about employee contact details and scheduled availability from these systems. Users can generate work orders for any of the above systems from within the CFSWorX app.


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