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AVT Europe consolidates cooperation with Koning & Hartman

AVT Europe nv, located in Essen, near Antwerp, specialises (among other things) in heavy load transport and industrial automation. AVT develops innovative internal transport systems for heavy loads up to 3200 tons, from manually moveable platforms to automatically guided vehicles on wheel, rail or air cushions. Through the years AVT Europe has built an extensive and successful track record in various market segments such as automotive, rail industry, aerospace, steel and assembly industry.

AVT Europe has successfully partnered with Koning & Hartman for the supply of industrial PCs tailored to the project. Machines used to move, position, lift and even process loads up to 3200 tons.

A smart solution for heavy loads and flexible navigation

AVT Europe was looking for a robust and compact controller / Edge PC with specific technical aspects. Koning & Hartman, provides advice and support and the necessary industrial PCs.

The PCs are used in Automated Guided Vehicles (AGV), each with a lifting capacity of 3500 kg, which are deployed in various industrial sectors including the vehicle industry. AVT Europe builds the AGVs entirely in-house. Only components, such as the IPCs, are purchased. These IPCs with installed navigation software automatically process 1500 incoming and 1500 outgoing pallets per day over an area of 40,000m² with specific pallet locations and at a speed of six km per hour.

The AGVs are designed to navigate between forklifts, people, fire doors and elevators, with safe and accurate operation always. Using the latest laser navigation technology, the AGVs navigate by recognizing objects in their environment. Smart technology and the use of data make it possible to easily adapt the AGVs' routes to the traffic control system provided in the future.

A reliable partner

The sustainable cooperation with Koning & Hartman provides AVT Europe with many advantages:

  • Products that meet all AVT Europe's product specifications.
  • A product that is robust, shock resistant and compact.
  • Delivery of IPC, assembled in function of laser navigation software.
  • Knowledge of connectivity (indoor and outdoor) for data communication and transfer.

More info?

Are you also looking for a smart solution or advice for your installations? Koning & Hartman is specialised in projects for Building & Infrastructure. We advise, supply and implement solutions that provide connectivity and insight into your installations.

We offer remote installations (hardware and software) as well as central back office and dashboarding with standard products that we fully customise to your needs and your project.

Koning & Hartman delivers more:

  • Personal advice
  • Standard hardware and software from renowned suppliers
  • Customised solutions for smart buildings
  • Technological insight
  • Service and support


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