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Smart building software ICONICS through the eyes of an engineer 

To discover all about the technical ins and outs of the ICONICS suite, we had an interesting conversation with Quinten Feys, lead engineer at Koning & Hartman België. We asked him how he would describe the building operational platform with his own technical background and what its advantages are from his perspective. 

How would you describe ICONICS in one or two sentences?

The ICONICS suite is a comprehensive, complete solution ideally suited to combine and visualise different protocols, enabling us to make smart decisions about our smart buildings. Based on its Genesis64 engine, ICONICS has grown from a simple SCADA-system to a complete solution for industry 4.0 and for smart buildings

Why would you call it such a complete solution? 

On the one hand, ICONICS can connect to all common protocols, such as OPC, BAC-net, MODbus, MQTT, direct IP and many others. This enables ICONICS to read all sensors in your building without any difficulty. On the other hand, the package can read and visualise 3D BIM models and present the sensors in a dynamic way. On top of that, ICONICS has a comprehensive analytics package to facilitate interpretation of historical sensor data. 

Combining all those capabilities sounds like a big advantage. 

Absolutely: the Facility Manager can see what’s happening in his building at a glance. Throughout the years, ICONICS has become an expert in visualisation and business intelligence. With its KPIWorX, every operator, engineer or manager can create their own customised visualisation, making all information readily available. And that includes not only the raw data, but processed data like error analyses and energy monitoring as well. 

With industry 4.0 becoming more relevant, some companies wonder how new IoT devices can be effectively integrated. What would you recommend? 

When you are first getting involved in IoT, it can be difficult to keep an overview. With its IoTWorX module and Azure integration, ICONICS can help you make the right connections between the cloud, local servers, and edge devices so that your computing resources are precisely allocated to you. 

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Koning en Hartman België offers solutions using the ICONICS Intelligent Building Software. ICONICS is a hardware-independent platform that digitalises, analysis and visualises all your data. Want to see how you can benefit from our solutions? Get in touch or book a call with us directly.

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