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Remote Service Center

Various networks are monitored remotely based on the ITIL v3 principle from our Remote Service Center (RSC, also known as Network Operating Center). This is performed by high-trained and certified employees, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Koning & Hartman directs the execution of maintenance and activities on networks and systems, testing and implementing software updates and bug fixes. We furthermore have the expertise for managing configuration, performing alterations, services and capacity. Irregularities and disruptions are proactively detected. A large portion of disruptions can be resolved remotely and/or a temporary solution can be created (workaround).

Koning & Hartman is also able to issue periodical reports for the network owner on the status, performance and load of the network. This further safeguards the availability of your network.

Besides the options of the Remote Service Center, Koning & Hartman also specialises, among other things, in Spare Parts Management and Field Services.

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